Experimental JAM SESSION


OÙ ?
4, place Thierry van Werveke
3475 Dudelange
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Experimental Music friends! Come and join us on Wednesday evening for an Open Mic Music Session in the industrial Hall @VEWA ! 🎵
17h00-17h30 Set-up, sound-check & first sounds.
18h00-22h00 Collective Improvisation JAM
🎸🥁🎺🎹🪘 👩‍🎤
Bring Your Own Instrument or alternatively use a collective one.
Amplifiers for Guitar & Bass, PA, Keys & Piano and various other little hand-instruments are at your disposal.
Mostly for alternative genres such as free jazz, noise, drone, psychedelic, garage & anything outside the box. Enjoy the freedom to experiment freely & collectively with different sounds in a post-industrial background.🎶🏭