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3475 Dudelange
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Join the thematic MUSIC workshops
Concerts take place in the Evening
organized with the music label AndesGround
Building beautiful interaction with open-source software and hardware.
Creative performance techniques using Ableton Live
Improvisation for All
The 3 workshops will give inspiration for live performances.
Lalalaranja is Dina Maccabee (US/DE) and Tomás Tello (PE/PT) combining all sorts of found sounds with lo-fi electronics, radios, computers, all sorts of little instruments, viola, and guitar. Both are highly skilled at their instrument, but in their sonic adventures every sound is welcomed and can play its part. A roaring frog, a coughing neighbour, radio static, random samples, a little bell, traditional Andean guitar. A friendly universe where everything is possible, nothing is out of place, and you wish you could just stay forever.…/lalalaranja…
Formed in Mexico and based in Berlin, Mitleko is Miriam Leo on keyboards and Tom Kessler on guitar. Both expand their instrument with self-built electronics that allow them to cut up, sample, mangle, and recombine their music with a simple, intuitive, physical interface that shows the audience exactly what is going on. Improvisations influenced by free jazz, noise, breakcore, tribal and more, glitch with a raw poppy edge. A bewildering and fascinating ride, so out of control that it can only be made by two people who are in complete control.
Arvind Ganga
Guitar player from Den Haag, the Netherlands. He is fascinated by the physicality of the guitar and the wide range of sounds it produces when any of its parts are played with objects, magnetic fields, or his bare hands using improper techniques. His music is raw and direct, whether it’s abrasive or delicate, continually crossing the border between music and sound, creating an intense experience that is simultaneously abstract, psychedelic, noisey, and somehow spiritual.
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