Ateliers participatifs


OÙ ?
4, place Thierry van Werveke
3475 Dudelange
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Join DKollektiv’s open workshops on saturday 🛠️
Feel free to drop by and to participate in our art & carft activities !
Discover the industrial hall and meet the DKollektiv Team.
Share your ideas & impressions.
You can participate in:
⚠️ designing and producing custom signs for our spaces
📐 creatively adapt our collective kitchen
🏭 learn and help welding safety fences
🍽️ join the cooking team and surprise the group
💡 explore ideas and work on new projects:
👕 screen-printing on D-shirts
🚲 bike repair
🎲 amusement-installation
🍞 bread oven
🗃️ old-school member-cards
🏮 lighting
🖌️ paintwork
🪡 sewing
Feel free to drop by during the day!
After working together we discuss projects and have fun ✨